August 22-25, 2022
(Arrival August 21)


By plane/train:
The nearest train station to the conference location is „Gunzenhausen“. When using long-distance transport trains it is usually cheaper to buy a train ticket starting from the airport to Gunzenhausen, as the necessary local trains are then included in the ticket price.
In August 2022, there is a special '9-EURO Ticket' for unlimmited local/reginal public transport (such as RB, RE, U-Bahn, S-Bahn, bus and tram) throughout Germany. It is personal and valid throughout August. However, this ticket is not valid on long-distance trains (e.g. IC, EC or ICE) or long-distance buses.

From Munich/München Airport [MUC] run city trains (S1 und S8) towards Munich/München. From there some trains start towards Gunzenhausen (at least one change is necessary). The estimated travel time is about three hours. => Train Info

From Frankfurt(M) Airport [FRA] there are also trains towards Gunzenhausen (at least one change is necessary). The estimated travel time is here about 3:30 hours. => Train Info

From Airport Nürnberg [NUE] it takes 12 minutes by underground U2 to get to Hauptbahnhof/central station Nürnberg. From there some local trains start towards Gunzenhausen (one change in Ansbach or Pleinfeld is necessary). The estimated travel time is about one and a half hours.
=> Local Transport Info; [Please click on the green bar on top of the new page.]
Here you need only a local train ticket price level 10, which you an buy on site or use the '9-EURO Ticket'.

The train station „Gunzenhausen“ is about 25 km away from the conference location 'Evang. Bildungszentrum Hesselberg', so you will need a transfer if you arrive by train. The team of the 'Bildungszentrum Hesselberg' will support you in organizing this transfer, when you apply early (before August 16). If you want to use this, please send an email as soon as possible with the subject: "SpinMechanics 7: Transfer from Gunzenhausen train station (YourSurname)" to The mail should contain your full name(s) and the arrival time and date in Gunzenhausen. If you need pick-up for more than one person, please indicate this. (Alternatively you can call +49-9854-100.) The transfer costs 12EUR/person; if you arrive late (>9pm) the transfer has to be done by taxi, which can cost about 80EUR/car.

Der Weg zum EBZ Hesselberg
By car:
On the motorway “A6”, turn off at the exit 52 to “Ansbach/Wassertrüdingen”.
On the motorway “A7”, turn off at the exit 111 to “Feuchtwangen” or 112 to “Dinkelsbühl”.
Please orient towards the communities “Wassertrüdingen” and “Dinkelsbühl”.
Our location is situated above the community “Gerolfingen”.
Only from this spot, you can drive to the “Hesselberg”.
In “Gerolfingen” – at the state road 2218 between “Wassertrüdingen” in the east and “Dinkelsbühl” in the west – you only have to follow the signs beside the street, that show the way to the “Evangelisches Bildungszentrum”.

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