August 22-25, 2022
(Arrival August 21)


Here you can download the online version of the abstract book of the conference. An actual detailed plan with the titles of all talks you find below.
The list of posters you find at the end.


Day Time          Task
Aug. 21Registration
Aug. 2208:00-09:00Breakfast
09:00-09:10Opening remarks
09:10-09:55A 1 - Kyongmo An"Long-range Coherent Coupling of Two Magnon Modes using Acoustic Phonons"
09:55-10:40A 2 - Laura Thevenard"Harnessing Magneto-acoustic Coupling to Manipulate Magnetization"
11:00-11:45A 3 - Hans Huebl"Multi-mode magnetoelastic coupling in bi- and multi-layer bulk acoustic resonators"
11:45-12:30A 4 - Alexey Scherbakov"Magnon-Phonon Twist in Metallic Ferromagnets"
14:15-15:00B 1 - Gabriel Hetet"Spin Mechanics with trapped diamonds"
15:00-15:45B 2 - Jörg Wrachtrup"Precision sensing using spins: measuring materials properties and mechanical degrees of freedom"
16:15-17:00B 3 - Eli Zeldov"Imaging Berry-curvature magnetism and Chern mosaic in magic-angle graphene"
Aug. 2308:00-09:00Breakfast
09:00-09:45C 1 - Silvia Viola-Kusminskiy"Cavity Magnomechanics: Harnessing the Magnomechanical Coupling for Applications in the Microwave and Optical Regimes"
09:45-10:30C 2 - Andreas Rückriegel"Phonon Spin in Magnetic Insulators"
10:50-11:35C 3 - Gerhard Kirchmair"Non-linear Magnetomechanics"
11:35-12:20C 4 - Anja Metelmann"Theory of Kerr enhanced backaction cooling in magnetomechanics"
14:15-15:00D 1 - Oriol Romero-Isart"Quantum Acoustomechanics with a Micromagnet"
15:00-15:45D 2 - Herre van der Zant"Magnetic Membranes in Motion"
16:15-17:00D 3 - Christian Degen"Quantum imaging of nanoscale magnetic textures"
19:15 Posters
Aug. 2408:00-09:00Breakfast
09:00-09:45E 1 - Mathias Kläui"Antiferromagnets and Strain"
09:45-10:30E 2 - Hiroki Arisawa"Spin-current Induced Magnetostriction in a Ferromagnet Tb0.3Dy0.7Fe2"
10:50-11:10E 3 - Michael Dunsmore"Three-axis Torque Investigation of Interfacial Exchange Coupling in a NiFe/CoO Bilayer Magnetic Disk"
11:10-11:30E 4 - Seth W. Kurfman"Strain Tuning of Ferromagnetic Resonance in the Low-Loss Organic-Based Ferrimagnet V[TCNE]x~2"
Aug. 2508:00-09:00Breakfast
09:00-09:45F 1 - Albrecht Jander"Parametric Pumping of Spin Waves by Surface Acoustic Waves"
09:45-10:30F 2 - Rouven Dreyer"Frequency-resolved Imaging of magneto-elastically driven Spin-Waves"
10:50-11:35F 3 - Mingran Xu"Nonreciprocity in surface acoustic waves driven magnon-phonon coupling"
11:35Closing remarks

Poster ID Presenting          Title / Author(s)
P 1Abeer Arora"Magnetic field-dependent ultrafast control of an antiferromagnet"
A. Arora1, Y.W. Windsor, S.E. Lee, J. Sarkar, K. Kliemt, Ch. Schüssler-Langeheine, N. Pontius, C. Krellner, D.V. Vyalikh, L. Rettig
P 2Lorenzo Bernazzani"Coupled Oscillators with Classical and Quantum Flavours"
L. Bernazzani, G. Burkard
P 3canceled"Magnon Phonon quantum correlation thermometry"
C. Potts, V.A.S.V. Bittencourt, S. Viola Kusminsiy, J. P. Davis
P 4Artem Bondarenko"Dominant Higher-Order Gyromodes in Dome-Shaped Nanodots"
A.V. Bondarenko, S.A. Bunyaev, K.Y. Guslienko, A. Adeyeye, G.N. Kakazei
P 5Bikash Das Mohapatra"Investigation of THz electromagnetic response in nanopatterned magnetic heterostructures by current confinement"
B. Das Mohapatra, R. Rouzegar, E.T. Papaioannou, T. Kampfrath, G. Schmidt
P 6Fabian Engelhardt"Optimal Broad-Band Frequency Conversion via a Magnomechanical Transducer"
F. Engelhardt, V.A.S.V. Bittencourt, H. Huebl, O. Klein, S. Viola Kusminskiy
P 7Katryna Fast"Micromagnetic Simulations for Mechanical Studies of Magnetic Dynamics"
K.R. Fast, M.G. Dunsmore, M.R. Freeman
P 8Felix Fuhrmann"Shape Anisotropy of NiO/Pt thin films"
H. Meer, O. Gomonay, C. Schmitt, R. Ramos, L. Schnitzspan, F. Fuhrmann, M.A. Mawass, F. Kronast, S. Valencia, E. Saitoh, J. Sinova, L. Baldrati, M. Kläui
P 9Philipp Geyer"Strong photon-magnon-coupling between niobium lumped-element-resonators and micron sized permalloy stripes"
P. Geyer, P. Trempler, K. Heimrich, G. Schmidt
P 10Gerhard Jakob"Magnon Contributions to the Heat Conductivity of Insulating Antiferromagnets"
T. Rheinberger, S. Das, M. Kläui, G. Jakob
P 11Md Rejaul Karim"Development of Co2FeSn Heusler alloy films and nanocrystals for magnetic and magneto-optical applications"
M.R. Karim, I. Sarkar
P 12Sebastian Knauer"Spin-Wave Physics At Ultralow Temperatures"
S. Knauer, D. Schmoll, R. Serha, K. Davidková, S. Peinhaupt, Q. Wang, C. Dubs, M. Urbánek, A.V. Chumak
P 13Stephanie Lake"Optimizing Spin Wave Lenses to Amplify Spin Wave Intensity"
S. Lake, P. Geyer, R. Dreyer, N. Liebling, P. Trempler, E. Papaioannou, G. Woltersdorf, G. Schmidt
P 14Alex Melendez"Optical Detection of Antiferromagnetic Resonance In Van Der Waals Antiferromagnet"
A. Melendez, S. Das, I. Kao, F. Ayala-Rodriguez, J. Michel, F. Yang, S. Singh, P.C. Hammel
P 15Marius Palm"High-Sensitivity Magnetic Field Imaging of AC and DC Currents in Bilayer Graphene"
M. Palm, W. Huxter, M. Davis, P. Welter, S. Ernst, P. Scheidegger, S. Diesch, K. Chang, P. Rickhaus, T. Taniguchi, K. Watanabe, K. Ensslin, C. Degen
P 16Nils Prumbaum"Advances in 3D Magnetic Resonance Force Microscopy"
N. Prumbaum, R. Pachlatko, A. Eichler, C. Degen
P 17Rafael Ramos"Strong Suppression of the Spin Seebeck Effect in a Nearly Compensated Ferrimagnet"
R. Ramos, T. Hioki, T. Kikkawa, Y. Hashimoto, E. Saitoh
P 18Sanchar Sharma"Generating Arbitrary Quantum States of Magnetization"
S. Sharma, V.A.S.V. Bittencourt, S. Viola Kusminskiy
P 19Simon Streib"Conservation Laws for Adiabatic Spin-Lattice Dynamics"
S. Streib, R. Cardias, M. Pereiro, A. Bergman, E. Sjöqvist, C. Barreteau, A. Delin, O. Eriksson, D. Thonig